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Hi There,
is there any snippet code to create two price categories? I am currently trying to change the price attribute based on the category ( Tours & Accommodation ). example price per person & per night. we have those kinds of products that need to be specified in the price for tours & activities we use the price per person and for rooms, villas, and houses we use the price per night.
Hope anyone can help me?

Sorry, there’s no option to manage price modes per category yet, it’s set globally (you can set nightly/daily bookings, or time-based bookings - these can also be restricted to categories).

Hi Ihor,
Thank you for your response. hoping you and the team can solve that problem soon as your Rental marketplace theme is such a good theme to create the marketplace but need more flexibility. We really need the price categories on our travel website ( adventure-lombok.com) please noted that the rental of a property is not just limited to night and daily, it can be also monthly / yearly rental period. I do not know if you and the team can create an option (dropdown menu) for that price option (per person, per night, per week, per month, per year, or daily) on each attribute category.

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