2 seperate accounts (service provider and customer)

Hello sir,

Is it possible to create two separate accounts in EXPERTHIVE for the SERVICE PROVIDER and the CUSTOMER? The idea is for someone to choose whether they are a customer or a service provider when logging in.

Additionally, can the customer also have his own account and list services so that the SERVICE PROVIDER also gives him a review? Before accepting an order, the SERVICE PROVIDER could check the customer’s opinions.


Please note that there are three types of registration in our system. When a user registers, they can buy listings, leave feedback, etc., but they cannot publish listings. As soon as a user has at least one published listing, he automatically becomes a vendor, and, thus a user with a different role. Now, you can register on the site through the Register button or Add Listing. You can also add a separate direct registration for vendors, please check this doc How to add a vendor registration form

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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