Acceptance of the advertisement by the administrator

Hi i have code for approve listings:

	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['title']['_moderated'] = true;
		$form['fields']['description']['_moderated'] = true;
    $form['fields']['images']['_moderated'] = true;

		return $form;

I have 2 problems with this

  1. If the ad expires after clicking “renew”, it sends a request for acceptance to the admin. Does not transfer to payment. After approval, the ad is displayed.
    In my opinion, this is a bug.

  2. Even if you don’t make any minor changes to the ad, it is sent for approval.

  1. If possible, send more details about this issue (e.g., steps to reproduce it). Do you mean that the Select Package step is skipped when renewing a listing?

  2. Thanks for reporting this, there is a bug with moderated images, and we already work to fix it as soon as possible

  1. Exactly. Using the code above Select Package step is skipped when renewing a listing.
  2. Super :slight_smile:
  1. Please make sure that you added and published a listing package and that it’s not assigned to any categories or to categories that you’re not testing. If you add a package, it will block adding/renewing listings (to any category or to categories you selected).

This is normally how it works. But if you use the code above to accept changes to the post. The step of selecting a package is omitted.

Sorry but the code snippet above does not affect renewing the listing. The code snippet above sends the listing to moderation. The renew listing is functionality that operates when the Expiration date, which is set for the listing, is passed, and then vendor can click renew button on the listing edit page to ask to renew the listing. So, in this case, the Select Package page appears. When the listing is sending to the moderation then the Select Package does not appear

So do you have a problem with the renewing functionality or do you have a problem when the listing is sent to the moderation?

The problem occurs when:
Advertisement ends + administrator’s approval of changes is required.

As I wrote: when the option of checking a moderated ad is turned on, the payment step for renewing the ad is skipped.

Clicking renew ad sends information to admin. There is no package selection. After the admin approves the changes, the ad is published indefinitely (the expiration date is earlier) but the admin permissions publish the ad!

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Any news on fixing this bug?

Without correcting this, I am unable to launch the portal.

Sorry, it’s not yet but it has a high priority in the bug tracker so we’ll fix this as soon as possible.

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