Active ads change to draft status after a few hours

I have 2 problems:
When you publish an ad, it lasts a couple of hours and automatically goes to draft
#two -
When zoning in region X, the ad does appear visually in location x, but when going to the regions it does not appear in that location x, it appears in location y.

I have deactivated plugins and returned to the previous backup, but I still have this problem. I feel very desperate since I have to be activating the ad all the time and zoning streets so that it appears in region x

I put morelia and it goes to tarimbaro which is another region

As you see the ad, I put it in location X correctly

Please edit one of these listings, this issue may occur if there’s a past expiration date set. Then on the next check (within 1-2 hours) the listing will be switched to Draft.

In location I think mapbox has problems, because I decided to change the map system, I had mapbox and I put google maps, so it corrects the location problem…
thanks ihor

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