Ad always comes first


I would like to create a package in which the ad will always be placed in the first place until its term expires. How can this be implemented?


If you mean featured listings (displayed within the available slots at the top of the search results), you can do this per package or monetize the featured status separately How to monetize featured listings - HivePress Help Center
If you mean “bumping” listings by changing their date, there’s no such option yet, the date is refreshed only when a listing is renewed.

Hi, I am entering this request, to ask why the featured adverts are displayed only in CATEGORIES and not on the Home Page. Usually on classifieds sites if the user pays to have his article highlighted “it should be displayed above all on the Home Page”. Can this be solved? Thank you for your answer.

By default featured listings are displayed at the top of the listing search and category pages, the listing page is a template set in HivePress. The Home page is an entirely custom page created in WordPress/Pages, if you want to display a few featured listings there please edit it and insert the Listing block to its content, then check the Display featured listings only option in the block settings

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Thanks, perfect I solved I added a Featured Ads module. Thank you so much for your help.

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