Add a global calendar with all listings

It would be cool to have a global calendar where you can see at a glance which listings (activities, events, etc) are upcoming this week, this month and so on.

It’s a more fun way to explore things you could do on a given day (instead of searching through the listings and then see when they will be).

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature (e.g. by adding a button to switch to the calendar view on the listings page).


Yes, exactly something like this would be helpful. Thank you!

I also really hope this feature exists

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Please vote for the feature request if you haven’t already - this may help us to adjust the priority of features on the roadmap.


Yeah I was looking for this same feature.


It should be already available - if the current user account has at least 1 listing, please check the Account/Calendar page, it’s a common calendar for all listings.

I was looking for something like this:

Yes, the common calendar is available but it has no vertical cells for different listings, each cell is a day like in a regular calendar but we’ll add more details to the listed events so they’ll display the listing name and/or customer name.

Where can I find this calendar? When I type in a 404 page pops up and I cannot see a link anywhere on my website.

If possible also please make a screenshot of the calendar and put it here so I can be sure I see the correct calendar.

Thank you

If you already have a booking extension, the calendar should be displayed in your profile on the page (Awesome Screenshot), but please note that the user must be a vendor (at least one added listing).