Add a "return" button to the package page

i need tu put a return buttom in the packing selection page for the case where the user need to modify their listings details. is it possible?

Yes, we plan to add this feature (probably via the breadcrumb menu with all the steps), but unfortunately there is no simple code snippet for this at the moment, if the listing details are valid and already submitted then the Add Details page is always skipped.

So there is at the moment no way else then proceed with the order and then get a refound from us and we delete the listing?

When the listing auto-draft is deleted (WordPress cleanups auto-drafts once per 1-48 hours) then the listing process will be reset to the first step, but until then all the submitted & valid steps like Add Details are skipped

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Hi guys, any update on this pls? :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s still scheduled but we’ll try to make this change in Paid Listings as soon as possible.