Add attribute type for signatures

Could you consider adding a signature field where buyers can sign upon making a booking? Most marketplaces require signed agreements between buyers and vendors. This would be a high priority in my case. Thanks

Please share more details about the required attribute type, is it a text field or an area for signing (e.g. using touch screen)?

Preferably an area for signing using touch screen or by simply drawing using a mouse, with a “clear” button to erase. Here is an example. See screenshot. Thanks for considering.

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If you would do that from every confirmed booking there would be created with a contract style text automatically picking up the nececery detailes from the booking would be really great.

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Thanks, we’ll consider adding a new attribute type for this.

Hi @ihor , please see screenshot.

It would be best to also consider adding such an attribute where a file can be directly embedded, so a buyer can read. A signature attribute should be added too.
I know a file can be uploaded using attachments, however this would be better as buyers are not “forced” to download any file.

I hope you consider adding these features as they are extremely important especially for rental marketplaces where people rent stuff and having to sign actual e-contrants. (not just checking a box)

Thanks and cheers.

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Same here, we think it would be a real great option for our marketplace website.

Thanks for the details, we’ll consider adding this functionality, there were many requests related to the long-term rental features.

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