Add availability search for time-based bookings

I would like the function to select a date and time from the calendar and make a reservation.
It would also be great to have the ability to search for available listings by date and time.

This may be a complex feature to implement, but I would appreciate it if you could do so.

If you add it as a paid extension, I’ll buy it now.

Thanks for your feedback, we plan to add the availability search for time based bookings. If you enabled time slots in settings then booking by a specific date and time should be available instead of date range booking.


Thank you! How long will it take for this feature to be implemented? If it takes a long time, I would like to consider another method, so please give me a rough estimate.

It’s already in the works so it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks, however we’re still researching the possible database queries because queries for time-based bookings are more complex and affect the search performance.


Amazing! Thank you!

Is there any update on this? Thank you.

Sorry for the delay, this requires more testing, but we plan to include this feature to the next Bookings update.


Thanks for the good news!

Any news? Looks like it hasn’t been implemented in the latest updates…


This feature is already available, you need to update the Bookings extension.

You can also find more information at this link Bookings 1.5.0

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hello, Andrii! Thank you very much for your return.

However, I’ve confirmed that I’m up to date with the latest updated version:

But, nothing appears to filter/research the environments by time interval. Do I need to enable something?:


You need to enable the time slots feature, then go to HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default Fields > and add Dates there.
After that, the search will be carried out by date, and where there is at least one free time slot in the listings.

Great, Andrii! I achieved. However, my ads page is not loading when I select a date/day. It keeps loading and doesn’t come out of it…:

It did not work for me. I’ve updated the bookings plugin to 1.5.0, made sure the time slots feature is enabled but the Dates option doesn’t show as you can see below.

I’ve tried it in staging and live site. None of them worked.

Please let me know how many listings are there, this may be a performance issue or a server-level limitation for complex search queries.

@hernanyveiga Please also check that multiple bookings per time periods option is un-checked, it’s still not supported for the availability search.

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Hello! I have 321 listings.

I enabled dates in the search under hivepress>settings>listings>default page. However, when I search any random date range, I always get “nothing found” on the search results page. Are we suppose to add a dates attribute under listings? Or is the listing’s date availability suppose to work automatically?

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Please make sure that there are no limitations on the database queries in your hosting plan, you can ask your hosting provider about this. This may be the case if there’s a shared hosting instead of a VPS one.

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Please try to re-save one of the listings, there’s a new function that saves the max number of slots per day for listings, and this number is used to determine if any free time slots are left for the searched dates.

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The multiple bookings per time period option is un-checked. I also reinstalled the bookings plugins and cleared the cache but the dates option still didn’t show up.