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I would like to have commenting system, where users can write and reply to comments under the listings. I found this info: Making a comment system - #7 by yevhen
and tried the snippet mentioned here, but there is a bug. It shows comment section but there is no button to “add comment”. adding comment is only possible by adding review which then copies to comment section, so showing twice. If I turn off reviews - then there is no way to add comment.

1.can you please let me know how to show " add comment button"
if this is not possible
2. can you please let me know how to hide stars from review, so I can mis-use it as comment

Please try this PHP snippet Making a comment system - #7 by yevhen

Also please try these solutions:

  • Please enable Allow comments option for each old listing
  • Please make sure that Allow people to submit comments on new posts option in Settings/Discussion is enabled and please click Save changes in Settings/Discussion one more time

Thanks a lot - works!

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