Add company fields to the checkout

Good afternoon, I’m using Experthive theme and I have a Problem. The payment form does not show VAT number field and some other field which are required to invoice the sale of services in the relevant country. i have already tried with the woo-checkout-field plugin and code snippets, but nothing changes. Do you know how I can solve it?


I checked the issue, and these don’t seem to be related to HivePress. HivePress doesn’t affect the WooCommerce checkout form; it’s entirely implemented by WooCommerce. It seems that they have a new checkout form design in the latest version. Please make sure that WooCommerce settings are correct for these fields to appear.

The problem of displaying the VAT number is a WooCommerce “bug”. To make the number field visible, you need a plugin, e.g. “EU VAT Number extension”.

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