Add confirmation for blocking and unblocking dates

Hello team,

I have two requests:

  1. Show text “blocked” on calendar date cells when dates are blocked on the booking calendar.

My client has slight color blindness. It is difficult to recognize blocked/unblocked status only by color.
It is possible to block a subject date multiple times, which would add more darkness to the existing red on the blocked date cell. This is confusing when unblocking as well.

The feature from the following link is also desired to work together.
My client wants blocked status as default, which would lessen frequency to update blocked/unblocked status:

  1. Add “Save Changes” button to confirm applied changes to the calendar.

Point of confirmation when change applied to calendar is unclear.
Is this when blocked/unblocked is selected or when a screen transition occurs?
I recieved same question from a few vendors.

Whether a date is blocked/unblocked is critical for vendors to provide their service, so a confirmation process is important.
Since the Edit tab next to the calendar has “Save Changes” button, it’s more userfriendly if the change confirmation flow is common between the calendar tab.

If possible, code snippet to apply this change is appreciated

I found this post after I posted the above.

If I understood correctly, the follwing would have the same red?

Click “Block” once = blocked
Click “Block” twice + “unblock” once = unblocked?


  1. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this in the current version, but it’s possible to set a more contrast color or even add some icons using a CSS snippet How to style color of the blocked date/time on calender? - #3 by yevhen

  2. Thanks, we’ll consider adding a confirmation for each of the important calendar actions.

Yes, if you unblock a date range at least once then it doesn’t matter how many times the Block button was clicked.

Thanks Ihor.

Looking forward to see the updated calendar action confirmation features soon!

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