Add custom fields to the user profile form

How to add the file upload fields in the dashboard of the customer who only wants to rent or make a reservation. I would like the customer once logged in to be able to upload his ID and driver’s license.
In the current configuration and visible at any time, when the new user wants to place an ad it must necessarily download files as I wished during the configuration
Can you help me to make these fields appear in the profile of all customers?

It’s possible for vendors (in Vendors/Attributes), but there’s no such feature for regular users yet since they don’t have profile pages, only vendor have these. We plan to add the same functionality for users (custom attributes) in the upcoming updates.

Thank you for your very valuable response.
Indeed for the reservation of car, hotel that which rents must justify its identity to secure the good of the salesman in example with the precept air bnb.
I remain optimistic that you will find this new feature in your next update.
Hivepress is excellent and professional complete this kind of functionality will be top.
Thank you for your feedback while waiting for the next updates

There may be a temporary workaround - please try adding these fields as booking attributes in Bookings/Attributes section, e.g. if you add a custom Attachment attribute, mark it as Editable and Required, and assign it to some display areas then users will have to upload a file while making a booking and this file will be downloadable by the vendor. The downside is that users would have to upload this file on every booking.

GDPR in my area is very strict about personal data sharing.
I will create an external link that will ask customers to download this data while waiting for the update

Yes, adding a custom page and a contact form for this purpose may be a workaround.

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