Add dates and guests to the main search bar

Hi guys

I am quite new to this but having difficulty amending the main search bar which I currently have set with a drop down menu of ‘categories’.


How do I amend the search bar so that there are four drop downs to filter a search:

Where (pre-populates as you begin typing a location)

When (drop down calendar)

Who (drop down, how many adults, kids, pets)

Thank you

Hi read this:

In order to add more items to the search bar all you have to do is go to listings/attributes, then create a new attribute. In the box title where is says Search, check the Filterable box that says Display in the filter form. Then any attribute you added will be displayed in the search bar.


If you have the Bookings extension and features like multiple bookings per time period and time slots are disabled, you can add Dates to the search bar in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default fields.
Also, if multiple places per booking and multiple bookings per time period are enabled, you can add the Guests field instead of the Dates field.

To add a location, you need to install the Geolocation extension (How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center).

You can delete the Keywords field in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default fields.

Thanks so much Andrii, that geolocation guide was great!

Just need to figure out adding Guests now… We will only plan to allow one booking at a time, like an airbnb, but still need to figure out how to add number of guests whilst keeping the date field…

Also, is it possible to add and customise another search function to the bar (i.e. where, when, how many guests, special interests)?


Thank you aqmiami7, much appreciated

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It’s possible, please try to enable multiple places per booking in HivePress > Settings > Bookings > Guests, * but disable the feature multiple bookings per time period, then search by date will be available.

As for special fields, you can create them using custom attributes and mark these attributes as Searchable.

Thank you Andrii.

Not sure if I have done it correctly but now have a search tab both Adults and Children.

Are you able to provide some guidance on how to add a drop-down box to one of the attributes, i.e. the search box for Adults could drop down and you select 1-2 or 3-6 or 7+? (as an example)



Unfortunately, this version has no such feature, the price is multiplied by a flat number of guests.

But as a workaround, you can add two fields to the booking attributes, adults and children, and then specify them in the booking form.

Hi Andrii

Is it possible for one box, i.e. Accommodation type to drop down and give options like ‘house’, ‘unit’ etc?


Yes, please consider using categories for this purpose (another option is using a custom Select attribute and marking it as Searchable), especially if these listings can have category-specific fields (e.g. details specific for houses that shouldn’t appear for units).

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