Add deadline for the booking cancellation

Hello team,

Is it possible to set a deadline for canceling booking?
Similar to setting booking offset, a similar feature to set a canceling deadline of X day(s) prior to the booked date.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature.

If you mean a deadline after which a refund is not provided this depends on the website or host terms, but the Cancel option should probably be there to let the host know that the customer will not show up (this also unlocks dates in the calendar).

Hi Ihor,

In my case, some hosts do not want their guests to cancel the reservation from the website at the last minute and consider it done.

These hosts want the cancel button disabled after cutoff time.
(Cutoff time should be configureable per host)

After the cutoff time, guests are prompted to call their host in order to complete the cancellation process.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, this would require a custom implementation, e.g. a function that checks the difference between today and the booking date, to hide the cancellation link (and/or replace it with the “Call…” message) and also block the cancellation action for security.