Add german translation

Hi, the german translation is pretty good, but there is one word missing: “listings” which would be “Einträge” and probably because of the ä, the translation doesn´t work. We could use also “Eintragungen”.

How can I add this?
I can do also a custom development for me… but I think all germans are stumbling here.

Edit: there is also still a “Listing einreichen” as a Button → (Add listing)


Please use the Loco Translate plugin, you can check these docs: How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center, How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi, thanks for your answer. It is completely translated, only those two words are missing as i can see so far.
How can i add them to the standard?

I´ve worked with Loco in the past, and I would rather try to change it in the code somehow than add Loco.


Please provide more details on which words you cannot translate and we will try to help. As for changing the text manually, we do not recommend it, because after our update, all changes will be overwritten to the original version.

Hi, it is the word listing → Eintrag and Listings → Einträge in the Listings Page within the Image

i am using something like code snippets to separate the custom changes. But for sure, it would be great to have these two elements beeing translated as the rest.


You can translate this text with Loco Translate, you can find this text in Loco Translate by writing in the search %s Listing (changes should be made for both singular and plural).

thanks i know, i have worked with Loco in the past, and hivepress is wonderfully translated already and adding Loco feels like adding one additional unnecessary point of failure to Wordpress.

I would prefer to either add this into the standard translation. I can do this by myself, if you help me to do it.

I looked at some .po files (hivepress-de_DE and hivepress-paid-listings-de_DE), and paid listings is 100% translated, but hivepress-de_DE has “Listing” and “Listings” as a german word. Not Eintrag and Einträge.

e.g. in Paid Listings
#: includes/configs/strings.php:17
msgid “Listing Featured”
msgstr “Eintrag hervorgehoben”

and in hivepress_de-DE:
#: includes/configs/strings.php:116
msgid “Listing Category”
msgstr “Listings-Kategorie”

#: includes/fields/class-repeater.php:175
msgid “Add Item”
msgstr “Listing hinzufügen”

that more or less creates a language mix.
or is this expected behavior?



If you don’t use Loco Translate, you’ll need a custom implementation. Since the direct change of strings in the code will automatically be restored to the original state after the update on our part.

i know and i am fine with it.
Or we translate those two words for everyone else in german also.