"Add Listing" process is not completed


I tried to test the “Add Listing” process. I did the following:

  • I have created two Woocommerce products and added them to Hivepress as two offer packages for people to purchase.
  • I successfully submitted my listing and it presented me the two offer packages. However, I did not choose any package and did not complete the payment process.
  • From this point, every time I clicked on the “Add Listing” button again, it kept showing me the offer packages. I guess it was because Hivepress realized that the listing was submitted but the payment was not completed.
  • In case a visitor has submitted his listing but he changes his mind not to complete the purchase process, how can he delete his submission?
    Can the admin delete his submission in WP dashboard? If yes, how?

Please advise!

Thanks for the detailed report, it’s a known bug that will be fixed in the next Paid Listings version. Currently if all the listing details are filled and valid, it’s not possible to return until the package is selected. You can reset this manually if you use any plugin for clearing auto-drafts, also WordPress deletes auto-drafts automatically within 24-48 hours.

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