Add Menu title Near Menu symbol

Hi, on mobile view my listinghive website the menu can be distinguished through the 3 line symbol displayed by the theme. I would like to add a “menu” text close to that symbol. Would that be possible?

Yes, it’s possible but this would require overriding the header.php file via a child theme or maybe tweaking it via CSS snippets.

If you don’t wanna recreate the navigation with a childtheme, you can try to fix it like this:

header-navbar__burger::after {
content: 'Menu';
padding-inline: 2px;


this goes into appearance/custom CSS

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Unfortunately, that did not work : (

Sorry, I forgot to add the dot “.” In the beginning. Try this:

.header-navbar__burger::after {
content: 'Menu';
padding-inline: 2px;

Thank you! This worked well on desktop but it doesn’t look good on mobile since the text is shown underneath the symbol in that case. I would like to place the text next to the symbol on its left side (as it is shown perfectly on desktop)


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