Add more customization options and settings

In the WP Admin Panel, allow the Administrator to complete set-up and customize core designs in one menu.

  • Allow users to customize attributes for listings and tasks - add custom fields and reorder fields

  • Allow users to customize email communications - basic Subject, Message, and Branding

*Allow users to specify package options - Number of packages, package features

*Allow user to change field descriptions (example: user can change search bar description from ‘Keywords’ to ‘Search For Services’ without the use of loco translate)

Thanks for your suggestions, we’ll try to make HivePress more customizable with every update. You can already override and customize the email notifications in HivePress/Emails section, also add custom fields to the listing and request forms, but some changes still require code snippets (e.g. customizing the build-in fields).

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Thanks ihor, looking forward to that functionality!

In the meantime, I’m having a hard time getting everything set up. Do you offer set-up or customization services?

Or could you recommend a developer or types of developers that can support this set-up hands-on?

I’ve been struggling to get my customizations to function.

We temporarily don’t offer customization/setup services (currently all developers are busy with HivePress updates), but you can hire a WordPress expert via Fiverr Also, we can provide guidance if you’re having trouble finding the related settings/options.
I recommend going through all the settings in HivePress/Settings first, to make sure that your website will function like you expect it to.