Add multiple levels of featured listings

Today there is a possibility to make listing “featured” which will introduce the frame around the featured listing. I would like to have a possibility to charge for other types of “Featured” listings as well - which will rank as priority 2 and so on. ex. listing which gets highlighted in different color to stand out, listing which gets thicker frame around…

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding multiple priority levels for the featured listings.

By the way - nice customization! We plan to launch the HivePress Showcase soon, would you mind if we list your website as “made with HivePress” there?

Thanks for the nice feedback! of course - you can use it for the showcase!

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Any news about this feature?

It’s not added to roadmap yet, but we’ll consider it, currently there are more critical features to add but we’ll re-check all the suggestions in any case. Feature suggestions get the “approved” tag once they are added to the roadmap.