Add NOT verified selection

Can I add a NOT verified selction in the admin?
So users can see directly if a listing or user is not verified.


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

Hello @Patrick in my website I used a “default user attribute”, non editable on front end, that each new user has automatically when they register as vendor.

the user attribute is

Profile type
it has 2 options:

  • Verified
  • Non verified

and it is non editable on the front end, so vendors cant change it.

All new vendors are “Non verified” by default. Search for “default user attribute” here on topics and you will find how to do it.

at the same time, I created a filter on vendors page that has:

Profile type:

  • Verified
  • Not Verified

So it is possible to search for verified or non verified vendors only.

You could do the same for listings.

It is a manual solution because when you verify a vendor or listing you must select “verified” option on the verified or non verified selector that you will have on backend when you click “Edit Vendor” or “Edit lisitng”.

Hope it was not too confusing :+1:


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