Add options to description field on registration form

hello, is it possible to add a minimum number of characters as well as an informative description and a reserved space to the description field of the registration form?

Please let me know if you mean the user registration form or the listing form, the user registration form doesn’t have the description field. If you mean listings, please try using this PHP snippet Set the minimum description length in the listing edit form #hivepress #listings · GitHub

yes it’s for the listing form. I check it tonight. Thank you @ihor

the minimum number of characters work done. But I need to advertise my customer of the limit, possible to add a description area in the description field for include an info text?

Please try to add this string after $form['fields']['description']['min_length'] = 123; in the previous code snippet

$form['fields']['description']['description'] = 'Your text here';

Work done. Thank you😉

hi, I noticed that the sellers who update their listing and who did not fill in the minimum number of characters before setting up the code are not forced to fill in the description with the minimum required.

Is it possible to force this when they update their listing?

Thanks you again

If HTML editor is enabled for the description field then an error about minimum text length will appear after submitting the form

it’s strange

I set 800 letters min, and I have pros who were already listed with a 500-600 letter description, they updated their listing without error. cache problem maybe?

Please make sure that the code snippet is added correctly How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

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