Add pagination to messages

solution for messages - i have very long list of messages it takes up to 20 seconds for it to load

Steps to reproduce

admin messages

Actual result

the site stuck

Expected result

need pages, or filtering or what -

Extra details

Thanks for reporting this issue, I added it to the bug tracker - we’ll fix this as soon as possible. It seems to occur only with monitoring messages, usually users don’t have a long list of conversations.

we have already users with also long conversation, we getting traction and growing daily rapidly

did you could you solve the token names? impossible to get that all others token works well…only %user_name% works.

Thanks for the details, we’ll try to resolve this as soon as possible.

Please create a new bug report for this, if some specific token doesn’t work you can post the details for reproducing the issue, we’ll re-test tokens.

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