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I purchased the Listinghive for my website which offers party supplies such as backdrops, mascots, chairs and tables. However, if the booking plugin is activated, customers are unable to select quantity. Please update booking plugin to include quantity selection when selecting date and also include quantity in checkout.


You can try using the guests function, since it is the one that performs the quantity function in bookings How to add guests to bookings - HivePress Help Center.

I have the same problem

I would like customers to be able to order the same item several times.

There is no question of ordering an item by registering several reservation days.

It’s like having to order 4 USB cables. There is no question of ordering 1 USB cable over 4 days.


If you have two types of listings, namely bookings and products, I recommend separating them by category. You can limit booking categories using this doc: How to restrict booking to specific listing categories - HivePress Help Center. After that, all categories that are not added to the booking categories will be sold through the Marketplace, and the date will disappear accordingly. As for the guests function, you can use the quantity function for Marketplace, you can enable it in HivePress > Listings.

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Unable to view guests in Hivepress>settings>booking.
Are you saying that if a customer wants to book 50 chairs, entering 50 guests would automatically make the 50 quantity appear at checkout?

The platform is a peer to peer rental marketplace. Customers upload their products for rent. Currently all items uploaded are under products and listings. Categories are only under the listings. There are no items or categories under the booking plugin.
Please advise.


Yes, that’s right, you can use the guest function as a quantity, and you can change the guest string in the Loco Translate. If you don’t need the Bookings extension, you can disable it and use only the Marketplace.

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