Add real-time features to messages

I am paying subscription and support and get absolutely no help from you

Hi Selim,

hivepress team cannot help you configure and customize bettermessage because it’s not an official hp plugin, in this case it’s @andrij who can help you with it :slight_smile:

@andrij I’m trying to translate “better message” into Brazilian Portuguese, but “Loco Translate” only shows 40 strings. Is there any other way to translate?

Try to press “Sync” button in LocoTranslate, it should show all of strings there then I believe.

It worked @andrij ! Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you for the great plugin. I have created a new field “user_new_name” which is now used as a user’s public name and which they can edit. I have installed the Better Message plugin, and unfortunately, it is “pulling” the default username created during the registration and not from the custom field which I have created. Is there any solution to make Better Message show the custom username field?

To overwrite displaying of username, need to use this hook:


Hi there,

Little question for @ihor, @andrii @yevhen :

Can you share some updates about your real time feature to messages ? I know the works it asks but it’s a must for most people. Something basic for the beginning ?

I can see that bettermessage is good but in my case I don’t use it and don’t want it for now.

Any return will be appreciated :slight_smile: