Add reviews for regular user profiles

Please also add the option for vendors to leave reviews for renters. This is a huge trust factor. No one wants to rent their possessions to a garbage renter.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll have this feature on the roadmap for the Reviews extension so it’ll be added as soon as it’s possible.

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Just curious if theres a estimated timeline for it? Appreciate you guys.

Sorry, I can’t provide an ETA (we have a queue of extensions to update and it changes depending on the urgent fixes) but it’ll be included to the next Reviews update for sure.

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Hi Ihor, I am wondering if this option has been added? I assume not because I don’t see it in the settings. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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Unfortunately it’s not available yet, but the user profiles feature is in the works.

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On this note Can reviews be added for vendors? Vendors are 3rd party sellers in this case and i would like each vendor to have their own reviews section so the others can feel more confident dealing with them.

It’s already possible, but via their listings only, if you use listings as services then a specific service is rated anyway, and the vendor rating is the average rating of their listings.

Okay that is super useful and good to know. Is there a way to view the reviews of the vendor?

I want my users to be able to view a vendor and read feedback on that vendor. For this reason, I think it would be sweet to have a “Leave Feedback” button on the vendor’s page.

It’s possible to check the rating, but viewing all the reviews combined is not possible yet, users can view reviews by clicking specific vendor listings (since the vendor rating is based on their listing ratings).

So if a listing gets removed does the vendor lose the review?

Yes, but only if it’s deleted completely. When listings are removed via the front-end, they are moved to Trash.

If a user deletes his profile, will the Reviews be deleted as well? I mean, I highly expect it to be it this way.

Yes, all the linked data should be deleted.