Add Search Form to Search Result Page

Hi, on my website, the search bar does not appear on the Search Result page.
When typing a search a keyword in the search bar and clicking “Search”, the user is redirected to the correct search page with the correct results, but the search bar is not visible on the results page. User would have to go back to the Listings or Vendors page to make another search, which is less than Ideal.

I noticed the search bar correctly appears on the search result page on your Live Demo website, so I must’ve modified something somewhere, but I can’t find the root of the issue.

Could you please help me add the search bar back into the results page? Ideally from the header.php file, since the search bar appears in the header in my case

Example from your Live Demo website :

Thank you

My bad, I found the issue. I had a code snippet overwriting the template.

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