Add searchable front-end profiles and attributes for regular users

Are you planning to build a front-end “users directory” (CV Database) or is JobHive compatible with a member directory plugin?

I want to add the user list to the front-end: searchable with filtering options, only visible to companies with specific product packages.

This would also require the users’ permission (public profile or not), and would add more custom fields in their profile (such as file/cv upload)

Thanks for your feedback, we plan to add profiles for regular users in HivePress, this would also allow adding the user directory to JobHive. Currently only users with listings (companies, vendors) have searchable front-end profile pages.

I see, until then, are you compatible with any Wordpress plugin who could do the job? I tried “Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin!” but the user registration was conflicting with the one already existing (if this makes sense). Not sure if there is any way to make it work

Yes, if it’s urgent you can try some third-party member directory and profile listing plugins, since HivePress uses the same users registered in WP it should be ok. There may be conflicts if the plugin duplicates some HivePress features, e.g. the front-end profile pages.