Add Social Links and Opening Hours to my Single Listing Template

Trying to get the opening hours and social links into my listing template but I don’t see any blocks for that. Is there a way to do that and also is there a way to incorporate the social links so they appear between two of my attributes?

Please send more details about the issue, did you create a custom Listing template in HivePress/Templates and there are no Social Links and Opening Hours blocks in the Template block category?

Yes, I did. Here’s what I currently have.

Thanks for reporting this issue - it seems that these extension blocks are not registered for Templates yet (this feature is still in Beta), we’ll release a quick fix for this tomorrow.

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Any update on when we can get the fix? I know it’s a weekend as I’m posting this, but you did mention it four days ago as I type this.

Sorry for the delay, this required a bit more testing - the updates will be delivered within 24 hours or less.

OK. Thanks for the update.

Any new word on this? I just came back from WordCamp US, so I figured I would have seen the update by now.

Yes, please make sure that you set the license key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store, there was an update the next day I posted a reply Release Notes - HivePress Community Updates should appear in Dashboard/Updates section.

No, the license key is there. But no updates.

Also, this is weird. I’ve got my license, but no HivePress account. I put in my username or email to change the password and none such account exists. Then I go to Register | HivePress and it says, “The old support forum doesn’t accept new registrations. Please join our new community forum for support & discussion.” Huh?

I’ll email support to hopefully clear this all up.

The purchase just triggers an email with the generated license key & download links (each link contains this unique license key), we don’t register any accounts automatically because this involves email notifications (like on this forum), if you mean the main HivePress website it’s ok that there’s no account - only our team has accounts there for managing blog and other content.

If the updates don’t appear and the correct license key is set please send temporary WP access link to and I’ll check this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

License Key is correct. Version currently for HP is 1.6.11.

Just sent an email to support (I believe that’s you Ihor) with the login so hopefully you can update everything for me. But this needs to be addresssed for future updates to the software.

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