Add support forum or ticket system

Hi there!

Some kind of support functionality would be really helpful. I imagine some kind of functionality in the Wordpress backend where you can see support requests. It works with the same functionality as the HivePress Messages system.

That said the user needs a button to contact the support team. We as the admins receive the message and can answer. The user then receives the message inside the HivePress Messages system.

It’s basically all there already but how can I add a button that automatically opens the message field (without creating a vendor page and having them to click on the “Message” on the vendor page). It would be easier to have a button named “Contact support” or something similar and then it would redirect them straight into the Message system to contact the support. Something like this.

If you think this already can be achieved with the functionality that’s already there, please let me know. Otherwise this is a feature request.

Thank you for your efforts

Thanks for your feedback.

HivePress itself implements the directory and marketplace features only, if you mean the support forum or some kind of help desk for the site users please try using bbPress plugin, or a third-party help desk system (e.g. HelpScount, Zendesk, etc). Integrating a fully-featured support system into HivePress would really bloat the core codebase.

Excuse my unclear explanation. No, I don’t mean anything fancy like that.

I just mean a button that automatically opens the message popup to contact a specific person, for example the admin. And then you can see the whole conversation history inside the message area where all other conversations can be found.

So instead of having a completely different system (like a help desk, Contact Form 7, etc.) we make use of the HivePress Messages-plugin to also contact the support.

I created a little image to show you the process.

On the left side you can see the process to contact a vendor. On the right side you can see the new way to contact the support team.

So it’s actually just a faster way to start a conversation. All it’s needed is a link to directly contact directly a vendor.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Maybe some code like this:

<a class="hivepress-message-popup" href="">Contact support</a>

Of course this is not a correct link but I need something like this.

Can you help me achieve that?

Thanks for the details, we’ll consider re-using the Messages extension for this purpose. It may be possible already, but requires some customizations (to embed the message form and pre-fill the admin user ID).

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