Add User Uploaded Audio Tracks to Profile


I wanted to see if there’s a way for people who want to list on my site to add uploaded audio tracks to their profile.

If not, would there be a way to embed a Soundcloud player on their profile?

Lastly, I noticed there’s no way to make changes to the profile page for each listing. Is there a way to include/ not include certain features on the profile page? Where would I go to make those changes?

Yes, please try using custom attributes for this purpose How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center. For example, add a new Attachment attribute and restrict its file types to mp3 (audio/mpeg), assign it to some display areas, and set this display format:

<audio controls>
  <source src="%value%" type="audio/mpeg">

You can also add an Embed attribute to embed Soundcloud by URL (or just paste the Soundcloud URL to the listing description, it’ll be embedded automatically).

There are 3 ways to customize the listing page layout:

  1. Using code snippets and custom template files Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube
  2. Adding custom widgets to the Listing sidebar in Appearance/Customize.
  3. Overriding the listing page completely using Templates Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

I hope it’ll be helpful.

I was able to add the Attachment attribute, restrict the files to mp3 (audio/mpeg), assign it to some display areas, and I tried setting the format to what you described, however, when I upload my mp3 file into the listing, the mp3 doesn’t play.

This functionality is crucial to my website, so any help is much appreciated!

Indeed the <src> tag is removed from the display format for some reason. Please try setting this display format instead:

[audio src="%value%"]

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