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Hi All,

I just started tinkering with Hivepress because I would like to create a directory of businesses in a certain area.
It’s good to know that I’m not a developer or anything but that I normally get quite far with documentation and some experimenting.
I wanted to add a vendor registration form and followed the steps of an article in the Knowledge Base but it doesn’t give me the desired result.
Link to article: How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

What could be the issue?

Please send more details about the issue. Do you mean that the “/register-vendor” URL doesn’t work and returns some error when you’ve enabled the direct registration?
If you require at least one listing from vendors, I recommend keeping the default settings; then, vendor profiles are only created if you approve the listing added by a user.
If you’re building a business directory, I’d also suggest using listings as businesses (instead of vendors) because listings have features like Favorites, Reviews, etc., while vendors don’t.

Hi Yana,

Thank you for your reply/explanation.
I’ll go with listings then which makes my question/problem redundant I think.



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