Adding an attribute to a specific category

Hi, is there a way to add an attribute to a specific category ? For example: if someone selects the house category (in the list a property page) he needs to fill the fields for this specific category not for the apartment category. If the client chooses the house category he needs to fill in the phone number, but I don’t want him to do the same for the apartment category (as in, I don’t want to ask for his phone number in the apartment category too).

Also, is it possible to duplicate the ‘‘book now’’ button ? I want the client who wants to book for a property to select like a specific room to book. Just like in this ss Screenshot by Lightshot , but instead of show prices to be the ‘‘book now’’ button. Thank you very much!


If you mean making booking (not listing) attributes specific to listing categories, there’s no such feature yet but there were a few requests for it already so we will implement this.

If there are different room types please consider using a separate listing for each room type, and use hosts as hotels/guesthouses because it’s not possible to manage availability separately for different types within the same listing yet.

Can I add a code snippet in order to fix those two problems ? I can hire somebody on fiverr to help me out. What do you recommand?

Please let me know if you mean the first issue or the second one (with a room type per listing), because the first one will be delivered with an update within 2 weeks or less.

Only the second one.

Sorry, there’s no ETA for it yet but we’ll try to resolve this by adding Pricing Tiers and quantity per tier, this would probably allow managing multiple room types with different prices within the same listing. In the current version I recommend using a separate listing for each unique rental type.

So if there is no ETA for when this is going to be solved, can I hire someone on fiverr to fix this for me by adding a snippet code or something ? Thank you very much

This one will be released this week.

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure about this feature because this would require the advanced customizations and changing the date availability search query completely, it would be more slow and complex. Please check if there’s an option to list each unique rental you offer as a separate listing, this would be the easiest way to resolve this. You can also try using the Price Extras feature to allow users to add some extras to the base booking price, possible offering different tiers this way.

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