Adding autocompletion to Select fields

It would be nice to be able to create a new type of attribute that would be a list of options (like select) but instead of a html selector, it would be a free text field with an ajax autocomplete.
It is very useful when you have a long list of options, e.g a car make or model.
The user types VOL and obtains VOLVO and Volkswagen and then has to choose between both or a third option “other” always appearing (even if no result) if the field is required


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this option for Select fields. It’s already kinda possible, but the search field appears only if there are 25 results or more (then a search field will appear inside a drop-down).

Ok very nice. I will try with more than 25 options but Is there a way to mass-create options. In my case, car makes, there are several hundreds options to create. It could be easier to make a sql request or a csv import…

You can try using any import plugin (e.g., WP All Import) to import your options.