Adding Blocks to a Static Page

I have created a static page for a specific location and want to display only properties in that location on it. I have added the Listings block and set the number of columns to 3 and the number of properties to 9. How do I display the rest if I have say 50 properties in this location? Also there is no way to add any sorting options to the list of properties on this page. I might want to sort by number of bedrooms or bathrooms, price etc. I assumed if I limited the number of properties to 9 that some arrows might pop up underneath so I could see the rest of the homes or a show more button or something to allow them to be searchable, am I missing something. Can these functions be added with some shortcut?

Unfortunately it can’t be done this way (by building a custom listing search page from scratch) - the Listings block has a specific set of filters and it displays a few selected listings without pagination - only the category/search pages are paginated and have all the search/filters form by default.
Please consider using the Regions feature if you use Geolocation, this will automatically create a page for each region (e.g. city), with a URL like /listing-region/new-york (you can customize the URL slug) when the listing location is added or changed.

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