Adding date specific prices NOT working on MOBILE

Bug: we receive reports from hosts that when trying to add a date specific prices on mobile, it is not possible to do so. Hosts who use a computer encounter no issues.

## Steps to reproduce
If a host decides to charge a different price for a specific date, then he/she can add a different price on the vendor account > calendar. This is being used by our hosts who have a computer.

## Actual result
Hosts with no computer report that they can’t add date specific prices on their calendar.

## Expected result
Most of our hosts work via phone. The date specific pricing option is a highly demanded feature. For this reason, it is important that phone users can apply this feature as well.

## Extra details
Image below (screenshot that shows the feature used on the frontend). This feature is very useful to our hosts.

Date specific pricing 2

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Thank you @yevhen - will send in the temporary login.

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