Adding or removing fields via Offers

Hi. We are using the listing hive theme and have n Standard the following fields, see attachments. How am I able to remove fields or add fields and where can I do this in the Wordpress Admin?
Thanks so much

There are two options:

  • If it is custom attributes that you have added in Listings/Attributes then you can manage them here (add/delete/change them)

  • If it is prebuilt fields that appear when you have activated some HivePress extension, then it is needed to use hooks to remove or change them. It is needed to use different hooks to hide or change fields in different situations. Here is a list of HivePress hooks Home | HivePress Hook Reference

Hi Yevhen,
Thanks so much. What we did not find is how we can hide the following fields:
Break between the Event / Listings / Time Intervall → Booking slot Intervall
Would you be able to answer this?

If you mean the booking settings in the listing form, these fields are built-in automatically if you enabled the Bookings extension. It’s possible to remove them, but this requires code snippets, for example, Hide the booking offset and window fields in the listing form #hivepress #bookings · GitHub

Thanks so much!

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