Adding package or membership link in user dashboard

Is there any snippet that can be showing all package and membership packages so it can be appear on user dashboard > package page and user dashboard > membership page

So when user login it easy to them to upgrade from their backend they can just click the button that goes to each listing packages or membership package



If a customer has purchased any plan, it is displayed in Account/Memberships.

But, if you mean a general page, we recommend creating a page (How to customize pages - HivePress Help Center) and adding them to the main menu or sub-menu (because the menu(account) may conflict with another added Membership page).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii,

What I mean is on package and memberships page, so they can click url there if they want to upgrade the packages or membership


You can create a page using this doc How to customize pages - HivePress Help Center, and add it to the account menu using a PHP snippet, or add this page to the main menu in Appearance > Menus.
But please note, there is no process upgrade in this theme version until the previous membership expires, and there is no way to buy another one.

Hi Andrii,

Thanks for you info, can you inform too how to add it to the account menu using snippet?

Please try this sample code snippet Add a custom item to the user account menu #hivepress #users · GitHub

Hi Ihor,

Thanks that work, one things, is there any shortcode for viewing memberhip page and packages page (see my attachment)

So i can add that two content with shortcode in the custom page


There are no shortcodes for this; we recommend overwriting the templates. Please check this doc How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

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