Adding price extras does affect the pricing of other listing

Hi all,

i stepped on a bug during testing the booking process. Supposed, you have a listing with 2 extras and the customer selects both and sends a booking request to the seller. After that the customer opens another listing from another seller, who is not having those price extras, then the day rate/hourly rate is getting a faulty price value. In my case it got the hourly price plus the 2 extras from the other seller. After cancelling all open booking requests from this customer though, the problem was fixed…

Steps to reproduce

1)Send a booking request for a listing with extras. Suppose an Hourly Rate = 25 an Extra 1 = 5
and Extra 2 = 10. So, total amount of Booking 1 is 40 for an hour.
2)Send another booking request to another seller with another listing without the price extras. Suppose an Hourly Rate = 30

Actual result

On the second Booking i get an Hourly Rate = 40

Expected result

On the second Booking i expect to get an Hourly Rate = 30.

Extra details

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