Adding Sidebar to List a service or a request

I would like to add a sidebar to the Page which a pear Fields when the use wants to list a service or a request.

Second Question:
When you’re creating some attributes !
Display This last section I don’t inderstand the difference Between
Block ( Secondary)
Page (Primary)


  1. These pages don’t have widget areas, but you can re-create them using Templates Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube This way you can add any custom blocks before or after the form, or use Columns to add a sidebar with custom blocks.
  2. The listing block is the one that’s displayed on the search and category pages (the primary area is in the corner, the secondary one is under the title, it lists attributes in 2 columns). The listing page has the primary area at the top of the sidebar; the secondary one is under the listing images (also in 2 columns).
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