Additional Info To Booking Confirmation Email To Host


In the HivePress email Booking Confirmed (Host), I would like to add the customer name, country and phone number. Can you please let me know which token I should use?

Thank you

Sorry for the delay.

Please try using the booking object token, you can add the field names via a dot like booking.status but the customer details may not be available since it’s another object. The booking.user token will not work unfortunately, but we plan to add more tokens.

Hello Ihor,

Thank you for your reply. Can you give me the token names I need to use for the information I asked ?

  • Customer name?
  • Country?
  • Phone number?

Thank you!

Sorry, there’s no way to access these details in the current version, because these are customer’s details and only the booking token is available. We plan to add more tokens in future updates.