Adhesion offer considered as product of the marketplace and not completed autmatically


I noticed that when I have both set up adhesion offer and a marketplace in my website, the adhesion offer order are not completed automatically whereas I set it up as downloadable product on woocommerce. But moreover they have the same display as marketplace product in the order summary, with the “dispute”, “contact the vendor”, etc… buttons (see the screen bellow) :

I think this is a bug quiet anoying because I don’t want to have these buttons for adhesion offer order and I want them to be complete automatically.

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for the details. We will check it as soon as possible

Thank you for waiting. Unfortunately, we can not reproduce this issue locally. Please make sure that payment for the order was successfully done as the payment gateway should switch the order status to at least “processing” on successful payment. Then order with the downloadable product will automatically change the status to “completed” in this case. For example, it was tested with the Stripe payment method, and it seems to work correctly

Thank you for your reply.

I will send you an access to my website by e-mail so you can try it.

Because in the past order where successfuly marked as finish automatically but now for some reasons it doesn’t work anymore.

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