Admin can add multiple vendors to listing item


I would like to purpose the following feature request:

admin can add multiple vendors to listing item

subsequently this feature will also involve that:

  • vendors can be viewed in a list;
  • vendors in list can prioritized (maybe with badges for example: sponsored vendor or best vendor;
  • multiple vendors can claim one listing.

There are many scenario’s where a directory (and especially market places) have multiple vendors for one single listing item. If Hivepress supports multiple vendors for these scenario’s it can drastically improve the monetization of these directories/market places (since there are more vendors to claim one listing).

Example of directory with multiple vendors per listing item:
I myself am building a tea directory, if i have 1 specific tea, for example:’ earl grey’ i have at least 40 potential vendors that would like to claim this item.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

Hi, I would also like this feature if its possible :slight_smile:

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+1. This will be a really useful add-on.