Advanced Custom Fields Integration

I sincerely appreciate the consideration. I definitely can appreciate the fact HivePress uses it’s own custom fields but the way in which I wish I could scaffold fields in a conditional way doesn’t seem available yet without some significant development. ACF has set a great standard with simplicity, complexity, and flexibility that makes it great to work with. For instance, HivePress’s attribute types seem to only be conditional to categories but if I need an attribute to be conditionally displayed on some other set of criteria selected that’s not a category, how do I currently develop something like that?

To delve further, let’s just say I have a request and a user selects a category and a set of fields (attributes) are displayed once a category is selected. But I need more conditional fields based on the selection of another field. What options currently exist for those types of workflows?

Thanks, we’ll consider integrating HivePress with ACF. Currently we’re using our own custom fields framework for implementing the attribute types.