Affiliate Option in our Marketplace for our Products


Before I start, just wanted to say you are all doing a great job. I’m very happy about this theme.

What I’m looking for is an affiliate option, here is the plan I have.

I have people that buy writing. I would like to offer people an affiliate option. That way, someone can advertise my writing, and if people use their link to buy, they would then get a % of each order that person places for a period of time. Then the money would show in their account just like a vendor and can cash out similarly.

They would have their own custom URL for this to happen.

I’m wondering if this is currently possible or if other plugins work with this. It would really take this to the next level for my website. Any questions, please let me know.

If not, is this something that can be done through custom work?


Thanks, I’m glad it’s useful!

The easiest way is probably integrating a WooCommerce-compatible affiliate extension, or using a third-party affiliate system like Tapfiliate, and place a link for affiliate registration somewhere in the menu, but this would require a few code snippets.

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I will try WooCommerce Affiliate extension. Thanks for letting me know!

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