AJAX error while sending an email

When trying to send an email from the site, we get a critical error. When the HivePress Plugins are deactivated, email works fine. An email was sent to your support email with more details.

Thanks, will check the detailed error via email. Please also send the plugin link so we’ll be able to test it locally.

We are working on the requested logs and should have them to you by end of day.

Just email the log file.

I’ll post the reply here in case if someone has the same issue - this issue is caused by different dependency versions in Postman and HivePress, we plan to update HivePress tomorrow so this should be resolved.

Thank you. Please let me know when the update is available so we can continue with our testing. I appreciate your excellent support!

We just updated to 1.6.8 and we still getting the Ajax Error.

Sorry for the confusion - I checked again and the issue is actually with Post SMTP plugin, they use the outdated Guzzle library (6.3.0) while HivePress uses the latest one (7.4.4). If this plugin is required please try contacting their support and ask to update the Google Client API in the next version (it has the Guzzle library as a dependency) GitHub - guzzle/guzzle: Guzzle, an extensible PHP HTTP client
This issue occurs because both the Post SMTP and HivePress use the same library, but the Post SMTP one uses the old version. If they can’t update it please consider using another SMTP plugin (e.g. WP Mail SMTP, they also have integration with Google).
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the great support. We switched to WP Mail SMTP and all seems to be working great now. We can continue with our testing!

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