Ajax search feature for seach form

Your have made excellent theme
but one most importent feature is lacking that is ajax search if its avalbe only for categories and listing it can give our site boost we are using algolia but it is paid after some usage so
ajax search should be in default option in listing hive pls do consider in your next update.
Thanks in advance

Thanks for your feedback, this feature was already suggested and it’ll most likely be added to future updates.

Thanks A lot i will wait for the future updates

can you give me the code to enable this search? will it work with categories and attributes t listing?

If you mean refreshing the search results automatically via AJAX or auto-suggesting results unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this before it’s added to HivePress, but there may be temporary workarounds (e.g. Algolia Search plugin for auto-suggestions, Filter Everything plugin for filtering Ajax Layered navigation in listing filters - #4 by mennobouma).

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