All Featured Listings Repeated in each category Page


I’ve 10 featured listings in Category A
When visitors go to category A
In first page they see 10 featured listings, and after that they see 8 normal listings. It’s OK

But the issue and bug is in next page.

When visitor click on next page (page 2) they see the same previous 10 featured listings again in page 2 but the next 8 normal listings are changing here.

This is a Bug that bothering visitors on each page on same category, they see repeated 10 featured listings in all pages of that same category!

Would you please fix it.

Thanks for the details. This is expected behavior, I guess there’s a misunderstanding of the Featured Listing spots - these work in the same way as ads in Google Search, there are a few designated spots at the top with paid ads. For example, you can set 4 featured and 6 regular listings per page, then if there are 10 featured listings they will randomly appear in these 4 spots on each page (at the same time they’ll be excluded from the regular listing section to avoid duplication). If you set the number of featured spots to take the whole page then yes, each page will basically show random listings from the featured listings pool.

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