Allow buyers to confirm that the order started

Hi, I believe that this is a MUST-HAVE feature for ExpertHive: a feature that allows Buyers to confirm that Vendor started working. Right now we have 2 features to ensure that the vendor works:

  1. Completion: Before that the money is held by the admin: this is great to ensure that there are no scammy Vendors.

  2. Vendor Delivery: To ensure that the buyer knows when a task is completed.

But let’s take the worst-case scenario: The vendor completes his task and the buyer does not want to pay (or the vendor never started working on the task), so the buyer does not guarantee the completion. And in that case, the admin could set that there is a Completion period after which the task results are automatically completed. But let’s say that the buyer wants to receive the money back, the vendor states that he worked on the task and the buyer says the opposite. Who would be right in this case?

I believe that if there was a feature that allows the buyer to confirm that the vendor started working on the task, this would be great because in that case, the buyer could not refuse to pay or to ensure completion. So that the vendor would be protected in that case. And if the vendor didn’t make sure that the buyer confirms that he started working on the task, conversely, the vendor would not be protected if the buyer does not guarantee the completion and starts a dispute.

This way the admin would know who is right between a Vendor and a Buyer when there is a dispute.

I genuinely believe that this would be an amazing feature for ExpertHive!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature, but if I remember correctly platforms like Fiverr don’t have this requirements, the order starts when it’s paid. Then, if it’s marked as delivered the buyer is notified, and if they don’t react (e.g. by accepting or declining the delivery), the order is auto-completed (in case of Fiverr, in 3 days).

I know, but while Fiverr is a freelance marketplace, your theme is also adaptable to non-freelance jobs. I am building a service marketplace for people who deliver work physically (for instance face to face tutoring), and having that feature for buyers to confirm that the vendor started working would be awesome!

Thanks for clarification, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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This feature would be crucial for my website and for all service platforms where sellers have to physically deliver a service. @ihor hope to get more updates on this.

@francescopetrucci May I ask if you found a temporary workaround?

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When non-freelance jobs have to be done, vendors could start working after the completion, and that would be fine. That’s the only workaround I found