Allow hosts to skip Stripe account creation when creating a listing

I would like to allow hosts to create a listing and add payment details (Stripe Connect account) later. Many of my hosts click to submit a listing and then close out when they realize they need to create a Stripe account right away. I would like to add an option to “Skip for now” on the Stripe account creation page. This would allow them to create a listing, and only have to enter banking information when they want a payout. Is this a possibility?


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

However, you need to create an account because it is impossible to predict when the order will be placed and payout, as it will be done without the vendor’s participation when, for example, he is not on the site. It will no longer be possible to request a strip connection.

What about if I want to give the hosts an option to receive the payment through Stripe Connect or have us manually issue a check? Would this be an option?

Unfortunately it’s not possible on per-listing basis, if you allow buyers/vendors to pay directly (not via the platform) then the Direct payouts mode can be enabled, but it will be enabled globally.